200 Ton Die Cutting Machine

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Hydraulic Die Cutting Press Lexson-A01-200T

Lexson-A01 200 Ton Steel Rule Cutting Press

Technical specification:

Model No. Lexson-A01 PRO 200T Fast Forward Speed 200 mm/s
Structure -4-post

-Top-mounted hydraulic system

compact design for less footprint

With automatic one OR two shuttle table

Slow Pressing Speed 8~15 mm/s
Driven Driven by servo motor + servo controller Return Speed 200 mm/s
Stroke Type Downward stroke Parallelism Between Platens ±0.04 mm
Hydraulic Pressure 20 Mpa Flatness of Platens ±0.035 mm
Pressure Output 2000 KN Power Supply 3phase 230V 50Hz
Standard Stroke 300 mm Motor Power 15 KW
Daylight Opening 300 mm Approximate Machine Overall Size 2320*3250*2338 mm (one-side shuttle table)
Effective Bed Table Sizes 1600 (between columns) * 1600 (between edges) mm
Height of Bed Table Above Floor 850 mm Approximate Machine Weight 7,500 KG (one-side shuttle table)


  • Servo Motor
  • Servo Controller
  • 10 INCH Touch Screen (Language: English)
  • SMC pneumatic safety stop pin
  • Bosch Rexroth Hydraulicv valves
  • Schneider Electrical Parts
  • Safety Interlock Switches
  • Scenery Pump

With 24 years experience in the die-cut industry, Lexson can provide die cutting solutions for:

  • Leather die cutting machine
  • Plywood puzzle die-cutting
  • Fabric die cutting machine
  • Paper sheet die cutting
  • Small batch die-cutting for mobile phone screen protector
  • Shape cutting machine for rubber, foam, plastics
  • Advantages of Lexson die cutting press:
  • Pre-sale cutting test is available
  • Lexson can work directly with your cutting tool supplier
  • Modular design, customized to your cutting specifications
  • Superior rigidity and bed to platen parallelism for perfect cutting result
  • Precision-guided moving slide (platen)
  • Fast, easy and safe setup and operation
  • Years of maintenance-free and reliable operation.

Lexson offers several standard 4 post die cut presses. These standardized 4 posts die-cutting press can also be modified with specific tonnage, stroke, shut height, bed size to meet your special needs.


•  Top mounted hydraulics
•  Anti-tie-down, anti repeat controls with ring guards
•  Safety photoelectric light curtain covering the entire stroke
•  Safety interlocked hinged mesh guards on sides
•  Removable base
•  Portable operator console
•  Color HMI
•  Linear position sensor
•  Load sensor
•  Automatic tie bar lubrication
•  T-slotted moving and bed platens
•  Tapped threaded holes on moving and bed platens
•  Single/double work table is optional
•  Sliding table for convenient loading and unloading material and product