Shenzhen Lexson Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd.

Major Products: Servo Hydraulic Press, Four Post Hydraulic Presses, Heated Platen Press,Small Servo Press, Die Cutting Press, Puzzle Machines, High Pressure Forming Machine, Hydraulic Trimming Press, Hydraulic Baling Machine.

Introduction: Lexson has become a leading brand for hydraulic press machine manufacturer in the world. We are more than a hydraulic press manufacturer, we can be your world-class custom hydraulic press solutions supplier. Meanwhile, we are focusing ourselves on engineering and customize-make the most robust, quality, and reliable hydraulic press machine, as well as specialty forming equipment according to your specific applications.
Due to strong research and development ability, and powerful marketing ability, Lexson has rapidly expanded business worldwide with products such as Jigsaw Puzzle Machine, 4-post press, servo press, heated platen press, die cutting machine, hydraulic baling machine, High Pressure Forming Machine, die casting Trimming Machine, C frame press, benchtop press and so on. Thanks to years of engineering and manufacturing experience across dozens of industries and applications, Lexson’s confident to build every hydraulic press machine to your specifications and exceed your expectation.
Safety measures for hydraulic press machine are always one of our most concerned issues for every hydraulic press solution. From the convenient access to the emergency stop, full set of optical safety sensors which covering the whole daylight open, to interlocked hinged mesh guard on sides, and safety ratchet bar in case of the failure of the hydraulic system, we are building the most safety hydraulic press in China.
Commitment, expertise, and dedication move Lexson towards its mission, full customer satisfaction, with total abidance to quality and environment (company certified ISO 9001:2008 and 14001:2004).
With 7500sq meter manufacturing facility and more than 150 full-time employees, Lexson is fully capable of handling the growing demand of hydraulic press machine worldwide and offering excellent technology, solid quality at highly competitive prices. When it comes to hydraulic press machine, please feel no hesitation to contact with Lexson.