400 Ton High Pressure Forming Machine

When come to talking about High Pressure Formng (HPF method process), this is actually designed and built for 3D forming, the other method ‘s Thermo Forming.

Suitable materials: PC, PC + PMMA, ABS + PMMA, PMMA, etc.

Products the high-pressure forming machine could be applied to:

Mobile phone back cover, mobile phone cover, battery cover, appliance panel, mouse shell, notebook shell, switch panel, helmet, smart lock, ultra-thin battery shell, car instrument panel, car interior parts and other related electronic product shells.

high-pressure-gas-forming-machine 水印IMG_20200109_114015-1 水印


High Pressure Forming Machine Lexson-HPF01-40T

  • Input: AC400V, 3 Phase
  • Nominal Force: 5000KN
  • Effective Heating Area: 610*980mm
  • Daylight Between Heated Platens: 500mm
  • Standard Stroke: 400mm IMG_256
  • Foot Pedal/Two-handed Start Button


  • Mitsubishi PLC,
  • Schneider Electric Components
  • 10 INCH Touch Screen in English
  • Manual & Automatic
  • E-stop button
  • Safety light curtains
  • Lighting
  • T slotted bed table
  • Safety guards on left/right/rear sides
  • Top-mounted hydraulic system

High pressure forming machine relevant application.

In the high-pressure forming method, here we put the series process of printed film simple below:

  • The printed film put inside a forming tool
  • Printed film heated by IR heater (temperature adjustable)
  • Printed film clamped inside a forming tool and shaped in the region of its softening temperature by the sudden application of heated, compressed air at high pressure.
high-pressure-forming-machine (1)

High pressure forming machine technical specification

High Pressure Forming MachineCell Phone IndustryAuto Industry
ModelLexson-A11 PRO 100TLexson-A11 PRO 100T
Nominal Force1000 KN1000 KN
Hydraulic system pressure≤21 Mpa≤21 Mpa
Ram Return Force5T5T
Working Table Height1150 mm
Max. Daylight500 mm600 mm
Ram Stroke300 mm400 mm
Effective Working AreaL-R600 mm800 mm
F-B550 mm500 mm
Ram SpeedsApproaching≤130 mm/s≤130 mm/s
Pressing≤14 mm/s≤14 mm/s
Return≤180 mm/s≤180 mm/s
Approx. Machine Overall Size1280x1430x2300 mm1530x1600x2400 mm
Servo Motor Power16 KW16 KW