600 Ton Composite Forming Machine

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Composite Forming Machine Lexson-CF06 Pro 600 Ton Heated Platen Press,

Technical specification:

  • Input: AC400V, 3 Phase, 50 Hz
  • Nominal Force: 6,000KN
  • Effective Heating Area: 1500*1200mm
  • Daylight Between Heated Platens: 750mm [29.52 INCH]
  • Standard Stroke: 750mm IMG_256 [29.52 INCH]
  • Hydraulic System Pressure: 25Mpa
  • T slotted upper & lower heated platens
  • Upper & lower Ceramic insulation board


  • Servo Motor,
  • Servo Controller,
  • 10” HMI,
  • SSR,
  • Pressure Transducer,
  • Position Sensor,
  • Siemens PLC,
  • Banner Touch Buttons,
  • Rexroth Hydraulic Components,
  • Schneider Electric Components

For fast set up into production, all compression molding presses in Lexson can be offered with a 7 or 13 inches comprehensive HMI for data acquisition and storage. A preheating device can be integrated or separated with the compression molding press.

Heavy-duty multi-post frame structure with superior rigidity and bed to platen parallelism

Multi-temperature zones to ensure uniform heat distribution and convenient temperature monitor for the heated platen

Burp cycle managing

Modular design, highly customized directly to your unique application

Fast, easy and safe setup and operation

Years of maintenance-free and reliable operation.

Lexson offers several standard hydraulic hot compression molding presses for your reference. These standardized 4 post compression molding presses can also be modified with specific tonnage, stroke, shut height, bed size to meet your special need.


•  Anti-tie-down, anti repeat controls with ring guards
•  Safety photoelectric light curtain covering the entire machine stroke
•  Sliding feeding table
•  Automatic pneumatic safety door
•  Air blast valve with timer and air nozzles
•  Portable operator console
•  Color HMI
•  Linear position sensor
•  Load sensor
•  Automatic tie bar lubrication