600 Ton Jigsaw Puzzle Machine

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Jigsaw Puzzle Machine JPM01-600T(1000-1500 pcs) Lexson-JPM01 Pro 600 Ton Jigsaw Puzzle Machine, Technical specification:

Model No. Lexson-JPM01 Pro 600 Ton (with shuttle table)
Description of Equipment Servo Hydraulic Driven Jigsaw Puzzle Machine
Structure & Driven 4-post hydraulic press, driven by servo motor, compact design for less footprint occupies
Stroke Type Down-stroke
Pressure Output 6,000 KN
Hydraulic Pressure 25 Mpa
Input Power Supply AC230V, 3 Phase, 50Hz
Standard Stroke 200 mm
Daylight Opening 200 mm
Effective Bed Table Sizes 850 mm (Left-right between column) * 880 mm (Front-rear edge to edge)
Height of Bed Table Above Floor 900 mm
Parallele Between Platens ±0.04 mm
Flatness Of Platens ±0.025 mm
Pressure Repeat Precision ±1%
Fast Forward Speed 200~220 mm/s
Slow Pressing Speed 5~10 mm/s
Return Speed 180~200 mm/s
Motor Power 33 KW
Control Siemens PLC can be communicated and incorporated with a robot (if needed)
Work Mode Stroke & Pressure mode
Available Operation Controls Manual & Semi-automatic

Stroke adjustable & monitored

Pressure adjustable & monitored

Dwell time adjustable & monitored

Speed adjustable & monitored

Approximate Machine Overall Size 2,300*2,630*2,650 mm
Approximate Machine Weight 13,000 KG
Safety Measures
Electric Control Cabinet NEMA style electric cabinet with electric disconnect switch
Safety Light Curtain Front & back safety light curtains
Start Buttons Front side dual start buttons
Emergency Stop Front & back emergency stop buttons
Interlocked Safety Mesh Shield Cover the left & right side of the bed table
Safety Ratchet Bar Pneumatic safety ratchet bar
Mechanical Safety Position Limit Switch Adjustable
Operation Indicator Triple color (Green/Yellow/Red) indicator light with buzzer
Portable Operation Console Available
  • Input: AC400V, 3 Phase, 50 HZ
  • Nominal Force: 6,000KN
  • Effective Heating Area: 850*880mm
  • Daylight Between Heated Platens: 200mm
  • Standard Stroke: 200mm IMG_256
  • Hydraulic System Pressure: 25Mpa
  • Parallelism Between Platens:±0.04 mm
  • Flatness Of Platens:±0.025 mm
  • Pressure Repeat Precision:±1%


  • Servo Motor: Physis
  • Servo Controller: Innovance
  • Sliding Bed Table
  • Slide Rails for installing cutting die
  • 10” HMI,
  • SSR,
  • HYDAC Pressure Transducer,
  • Position Sensor,
  • Siemens PLC,
  • Banner Touch Buttons,
  • Rexroth Hydraulic Components,
  • Schneider Electric Components

Major Component Brand of Lexson-JPM01 Pro 600 Ton Jigsaw Puzzle Machine

Motor Physis
Controller Innovance
Seal SKF
PLC Siemens
Buttons Schneider
HMI Siemens
Intermediate relay Omron
Pressure Transducer HYDAC
Position Transducer Fager
Hydraulic valves Bosch Rexroth


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